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Woodland Leathers
Woodland Leathers

Woodland Leathers Sizing Guide

On-line shopping offers the consumer a different type of retail experience. When we consider this and combine it with the fact that leather garments fit differently to conventional clothing - sizing can potentially present as an issue. To this end we have now produced a series of line drawings which should help any potential customer find their most appropriate size. In this way anyone can take measurements as described; forward them to us and we will be able to best match up these specific dimensions.

How to Measure a Jacket

We should point out that we insist all of our garments are made with a good and proportionate sleeve length; as "short sleeves" will always put the buyer off any decision to buy a leather jacket or coat. If the sleeves turn out to be too long we offer a FREE alteration service on any Simons' purchased jacket or coat (we will only charge for additional postage under these circumstances).

The Best Way of Measuring the Chest Size of a Leather Jacket

Measuring the distance between the left and right armpits of a leather jacket (and the sleeve length from the point of the shoulder) will give a "like for like" comparison when choosing the best size for your new leather jacket or coat. Generally speaking a size large straight fitting men's leather jacket will measure approximately 24 inches/61cms across this "flat chest" measurement.

The Best Way of Measuring the Sleeve Length of a Leather Jacket

Similarly the sleeve length measured from the point of the shoulder to the edge of the outside cuff will measure approximately 26 inches/66cms on a large size version of our illustrated hip length leather jacket.

The Best Way of Measuring the Centre Back Length of a Leather Jacket

Measuring the distance from the underneath of the collar point to the bottom of the leather jacket or leather coat will give a "like for like" comparison when choosing the best size or style of leather jacket or leather coat. For example a hip length large size men's leather jacket will measure approximately 28 inches/71 cms along this "centre back" length.

Mens Jacket and Coat Sizes

As our videos above illustrate, for a man the most crucial measurement is the one taken across the 'flat chest' (the distance from the furthest point on the left hand side underneath the armpit to that on the right hand side-where a similar garment is fastened and laid flat, back-side down). This width is detailed in the diagrams below, as well as other pertinent measurements.

Woodland Leathers

Mens Jackets

Woodland Leathers

Mens Blazers

Woodland Leathers

Mens 3/4 Coats

A - Flat Chest : B - Outside Sleeve Length : C - Centre Back Length

We have produced a chart which will serve as a guide to the most suitable size when choosing a mens leather jacket or coat. It can be useful to take your own comparative measurement from a similar style of jacket or coat. Please measure from underarm to underarm (see measurement 'A' on diagrams above) from the furthest point of each side and compare your dimension to the ones listed on our chart as 'A'.

Jacket Size Chest Size (in)
S 36"
M 38"
L 40"
XL 42"
2XL 44"
3XL 46"


Ladies Jacket and Coat Sizes

Any woman's jacket or coat would require both this aforementioned chest measurement as well as additional information with regards the hips (the widest point usually in line with the pockets) and possibly the waist. These are illustrated in the diagrams below.

Woodland Leathers

Ladies Jackets

Woodland Leathers

Ladies Blazers

Woodland Leathers

Ladies Coats

Woodland Leathers

Ladies Swing Coats

A - Flat Chest : B - Outside Sleeve Length : C - Centre Back Length : D - Hip Width

We would encourage any potential customer to take "like for like measurements" from any similar style of garment that they already own. These comparable dimensions are illustrated as 'A', 'B' and 'C' in the diagrams above. The measurement labelled as 'A' will always stand out as the most important when making a choice of best size but can vary given the shape and style of the garment in question. When used in conjuction with our sizing chart we would hope that any potential purchase should be simplified by referring to our chart below.

Jacket Size Bust Size (cm) Bust Size (in) Flat Chest (in). Approx 'A'
8 82 32" 17/18"
10 86 34" 18/19"
12 90 35.5" 19/20"
14 95 37.5" 20/21"
16 101 39.5" 21/22"
18 107 42" 22/23"

However, you feel uncertain, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We will be very happy to help you decide.


Plus Size Jackets & Coats

In the case of ALL of our Mens and Womens PLUS SIZE LEATHER JACKETS AND COATS we have individually listed the Flat Chest Measurement ('A') of each individual garment (for example SL120954XL = 29 inches ('A'). This allows every potential customer to take their own measurements and make their sizing decision based upon a direct comparison. We are always happy to help you with this crucial choice if you prefer to contact us directly (0208 502 2910).

Shoe Sizes

The SHOE SIZE CHARTS below will hopefully provide a useful guide to the equivalent sizes used in Europe (where many of our slippers and boots are manufactured) in comparison to those sizes used in the UK (where most of our slippers and boots are worn). However it is important to note that certain styles are more prone to variation than others and sheepskin by it's very nature is a fairly elastic material which will 'give' with wear.


British Size European Size
7 41
8 42
9 43
10 44
11 45
11½ 46
12 47
13 48


British Size European Size
4 37
5 38
6 39
7 41
8 42
We are happy to answer any customer enquiries relating to individual slipper styles and their appropriate sizes.



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